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AICP (Academie Internationale de Coupe de Paris)
AICP, founded by a syndicate of artisan tailors 180 years ago, is a school specialised in educating the professional tailors, both custom-made and industrial clothing manufacturing, by using its own geometric construction methodology named Vauclair-Darroux since then.

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AICP (Academie Internationale de Coupe de Paris)

The school offers full-time programmes instructed in French covering the four main disciplines:

  • Introduction to clothes construction
  • International patternmaking
  • Certification programme
  • CAD-Digital Design

The admission criteria: the realised practical work, application documents, as well as the motivation interview. The team at AICP provides a guarantee placement policy. AICP academic faculty places every participant in International haut couture companies in France, national or international, for the required training opportunity during the study. The placement places known in national or international fashion companies. The supportive industrial network reinforces AICP's standing in the garment and fashion arena.

In French : Classic Programme

  1. Foundation year
  2. options: Menwear & womenwear
  3. Clothes Patternmaking, Womenwear Clothes Patternmaking only or Menwear Clothes Patternmaking only. The tuition fee varies according to the option selected
  4. Technical clothing Designer
  5. Menwear Garmet Assembly

In French : The Programmes by appreticeship

  1. International Patternmaking: 2 days in School and and 3 days in Company
  2. Refresher course : programme apprentissage: 2 days in School and and 3 days in Company