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ALMEA Formation ( Ancien CFA Interpro Champagne Ardennes)

CFA (Centre de Formation en Apprentissage French / also known as the Industry-University Cooperation Training Center, later known as the Vocational Training Institute). CFA was founded to serve young friends (up to 30 years old) and develop their skills. Training young friends can join the job market early, so the French vocational colleges exist.

Founded on January 1, 2016, the four vocational training college centers merged into a new unit called Almea Formations.
Almea Formations is an organization of corporate associations whose purpose is to manage and market professional industry-academic cooperation training centers.

Almea Formations integrates vocational training in four provinces of Champagne: l'aube, des Ardennes, La haute Marne and Maeneng (La Marne).

Here we are going to introduce one of the services of Almea Formations: Professional Perpetual Training Service. There are four main areas in professional sustainability training:

Maintenance: (This part of the repair is mainly related to vehicle repair work, including paint locomotive repair and maintenance, etc.).
Network and Communication: Digital System Electronic Services
Catering services: chefs, bakers, French pastry chefs, takeaway services, hotel operations, restaurant operations and many other services related to food, accommodation and so on.
Service industry: hair styling, styling, beautician, florist, sales staff, etc.
Courses offered:

CAP (Le certificat d'aptitude professionnelle): After graduating from the middle school, you can apply, and complete the course in two years, the training method of industry-university cooperation).
MC (Mention Complémentaire, Advanced Diploma), after completing the CAP course, plus one year of industry-university cooperation courses, you can get the MC diploma);
BP (Brevet Professionnel, Diploma in Professional Technology), usually requires applicants to have a CAP professional qualification, two years of industry-university cooperation courses);
BTS (Higher Technology Diploma, the last year of high school, the degree can be obtained by completing the prescribed course by means of industry-university cooperation.
A similar course is offered in professional high schools in France. However, in the courses offered by French professional high schools, there are fewer training opportunities in the industry.

The courses offered by the Almería Champagne Vocational Training Institute are based on the “industry-industry cooperation approach”, so the intern's work experience in the industry is solider than that of traditional high school students.

For the French high school education system, I suggest you refer to the two blog posts on the CLOE International website to help you understand the French high school education system and the diplomas mentioned above: