Etudiants Mediation culturelle au Festival de Cannes

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French Professional School: Known as for its traditional programme including Arts, Culture;Luxury; cuisine and haut couture, design, perfume and many others in France, CLOEInternational offers the following professional schools :

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EAC group is a private business school of Arts; Culture and Luxury and it is recognised by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication. Based in Paris, Lyon, Monaco and in China, the school has built a reputation in the world of culture and Arts and is often referred as one of the leading education institutions in the above fields. The school was the first higher education institute to deliver bachelor and master education conforming to European education regulations.
Among all the instructed programmes, Group EAC is one very few schools in France positions the luxury specialisation about Arts, Culture and Gemmology.

The school offers the French instruction programmes to all levels of students: bachelor, master/ MBA and Ph D in fields of Arts, Culture, Gemmology and luxury.
The English instruction programmes are offered from Master/ MBA to Ph D levels with the following different disciplines :

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Group EAC proposes the short-term immersion programme named “Remise à niveau” for students to catch up on prerequisite fundamental knowledge before the commencement of the programme. If the students are unable to attend the courses delivered on campus, there are also some distance learning programmes available from Bachelor, Master to MBA levels. Please note that the distance learning programmes are available only in French. The advantage of studying at EAC Group-business School of Arts, Culture and Luxury is that such courses open the gate to further training and apprenticeship opportunities.


  1. A 2 years Master study or 1 year International MBA in Art Market Management
  2. Executive Doctorate in Art Market
  3. Executive Doctorate in Cultural Coordination
  4. Executive Doctorates in Gemmology and Luxury

In English : Master, MBA of Executive Doctorate programmes

In French : Bachelor Programmes delivered in both Paris and Lyon Campuses

  1. Bachelor Programme in Expert-Advisor in Arts Objects
  2. Bachelor Programme in Cultural Coordination
  3. Bachelor Programme in Trader in Luxury objects and works of craftsmanship (only 3rd year)
  4. Bachelor Programme in Cultural Heritage Preservation

In French : Master or MBA Programmes delivered in Paris Campus

  1. A 2 years Master Programme in Art Market Management
  2. A 2 years Master or 1 year MBA Programme in Cultural Coordination (also available in Lyon Campus)
  3. A 2 years Master or 1 year MBA Programme in Luxury and Artistic craftsmanship
  4. A 2 years Master Programme in Conservation Restoration of Cultural Heritage

In French : Education in Distance

  1. Bachelor Programme in Cultural Coordination (only 3rd year)
  2. A 2 years Master or 1 years MBA Programme in Cultural Management