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Start-up & Settle Down service :


The Start-Up service targets at the international graduates who are interested in having a start-up project in France after having completed a degree or a professional study in France.

CLOE INTERNATIONAL integrates the consulting service by incorporating the professional teams: Professional accountant (expert comptable in French), the lawyer, and the relevant persons to bring the consulting service. Here are the e main procedures of a start-up consulting service:


  • Study the start-up project: By studying the documents introduced by the creators of the start-up project (the plan of activities and the initial financial plan), CLOE INTERNATIONAL works with the project creator to verify the name of the future company registered or not? To propose the proper legal status of the company and to suggest the relevant organizations to contact before starting up a business, to look for possible financial resources, these actions are to make sure that the future entrepreneurs are familiar with these procedures and relevant organizations.

  • billionphotos 913805The associating contacts: CLOE INTERNATIONAL will guide the future entrepreneurs on the steps to follow up while in preparation the start-up project. Getting the advice from the suggested contacts and visits (accountant, lawyer,) or organizations (Chamber of Commerce and Industry , MEDEF, bank, Boutique Gestion Entreprise,…) during the coaching service to better prepare the start-up business.

  • Action on the start-up: When the necessary information is acquired, and the creator is confident on the future project, it is time to act the start-up business plan

  • Settle down: In addition to the start-up service, the personalized installation service to accompany the creator’s family members to settle down smoothly in France since the beginning. The assistance covers the administrative formalities and the counseling on the schooling as well as the experience sharing on living and French culture as well as the solutions proposed.

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billionphotos 1898527