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The service on WorkingholidayinChampagne has been enacted in summer 2017.


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The working holiday policy is a bilateral agreement signed between France and the other foreign countries outside the European Union, and this strategic agreement offers the young people, aged between 18 to 30, a chance to discover French culture and accelerate the international mobility.

The purpose of WorkingHolidayInChampagne aims to assist the Taiwanese young people’s settle down in France.

What WorkingHolidayinChampagne has to offer?

  • Assist in identifying the suitable internships or short-term job opportunities correspondent to what the young people are looking.
  • Training and Studying at the same time: The service combines the essential part of French entrepreneurial culture, “apprentissage” and continuous learning. We work with CFA (Centre Formation Apprentissage) or the other relevant institutions to deliver the practical training courses for vacation visa holders acquiring the professional skill which could be in the future a professional skill for life afterward while discovering the French Culture. For the time constraints youth, the tailor-made professional courses are available upon request. The professional courses mentioned above including Art cooking, Hair design, boulangerie & Patisserie, table service, nursery, Wine courses…etc.

  • The assistance on stay: We assist our clients to assist them to find out or work out the accommodation solution.

Service put into practice recently provides a complete service to facilitate the installation of the new arrival clients of CLOE International in the Champagne region.