French Medical System

The "médecin traitant" was put into practice a couple of years ago. The médecin traitant system allows the patients, over 18 years old, to choose a Doctor of confidence as all the secret medical history is therefore communicated and registered.

The advantages of this system are:

photo medical consultation jan 2018 Have a clear medical history, consultation, and medicines taken as well as the following treatment should there are any of the patients. The trace of the medical history helps the doctor is in an important medical diagnostic or even if the patient changes the médecin traintant!

Avoid the second medication and medical waste.

Assure the medical quality: All visits to specialist medical Dr., the patients have to obtain the letter prepared by their "médecin traintant. The objective is to trace the quality of medical consultation and the necessity of the medication.  After the medical meeting with a specialist, the specialized Doctor has to send a letter to the patient’s “Medecin Traintant” to inform the patient’s helth situation to trace the medical situation better.

The security Social ( equivalent Health Organisation Agency in France) will partially reimburse the patient if the patient consults a specialist Dr. without the letter written by his/her médecin traitant.

Some exceptions of "médecin traitant": Children who are under 18 years old can have any medical visits without the letter of the médecin traitant.  If the patient’s Médecin Traitant is absent, the patient is free to consult another “médecin traitant” by requesting to fill in the information: the “médecin traintant” is not present on the medical consulting page. The visits to Ophtamologue, Gynecology, and Dentist are free from the letters from "Médecin traitant".

Prepared by Hsin-Mei TURMEL