An internship discovering Experience for a 3ème

An internship discovering Experience for a 3ème in France. 3ème, means the last year of the junior high school study. The objective of this internship discovering experience obligatory, imposed on a junior high school student of 3ème, serves as a first step for the junior high school student to know about the enterprise world, discover the job for the future orientation and the following the necessary trainings to join the job market. 


This internship takes place in February annually for a duration less than 30 hours/ per week if the trainee is less than 15 years old, and less than 35 hours if the trainee is over 15 years old. At this time, the apprenticeship is more like an observative experience to discover the operation of the enterprise. Since the junior high school student is very young and has no professional experience, generally it is the parents assist their son or daughter in 3ème to find an internship through the parents' professional or personal network. 

Much 3ème dreams to work in a renowned company, the internship experience in a small enterprise allows a 3ème to have a memorable experience.


After the training experience, it is required to submit two copies of the apprenticeship report delivered to the company where the trainee realized the internship and the school where a 3ème is registered. Each college, junior high school, organize the on-campus enterprises meeting forum after the stage experience. The idea is to offer the first change with different jobs’ representatives to discover more about jobs that a 3ème would like to take. It provides for 3ème students with the future orientation and makes the necessary  preparation while in selection the proper senior high school to join.