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Institut Georges Chappas


The Georges Chappaz Institute (IGC), part of the University of Reims Champagne, is dedicated to wine and vineyard research and education in the Champagne region.

The George Shapa Champagne Wine Academy was established to focus on scientific research, promote the cultural assets of Champagne, and enhance the international visibility of the Champagne region.

The George Shapa Champagne Wine Academy received support from the Champagne region's educational institutions, the Champagne industry and related government units. At the same time, the George Chapa Winery combines the aforementioned units to provide a complete Champagne course.

Under the George Shapa Champagne Wine Academy, three major educational institutions are integrated:

Avize Campus: A professional high school under the French Ministry of Agriculture. The courses offered are mainly for high school students. There are several courses offering high school diplomas; some are industry-university cooperation courses.
Reims University of Champagne-Ardenne: a total of 25 degree-based courses
Bishan Manor (International Champagne Agency): offers four courses of professional training in champagne.

The courses offered by the three academic units have the following characteristics:

• Almost all courses are taught in French
• Courses offered from high school, college, university to master
These courses meet the needs of different age groups. The courses offered are mainly outside the Champagne, Wine and Wine Estates, and some of the courses are produced in response to the Champagne production and the unique vineyard scenes of Champagne. For example, the packaging course for champagne, the transportation and logistics industry for champagne, and wine tourism courses.
Among all the courses offered, one of them is called “The Wine Tourism, Heritage, and Senses”, a newly established project, and the Champagne Tuiyi Business School ( ESC Troyes), working together. Billionphotos 1001789

The highlight of this project is:

• Probably the first school in France to establish a bachelor's degree in wine tourism
• Classes take small classes of approximately 20 to 25 people
• The duration of study is a one-year, dual-degree course (Lance University in Champagne, and a degree from the Tuo'a Higher Business School).
A four-month internship is a must
In addition to the above degree programs, the George Shapa Champagne Wine Academy offers short-term, customized courses that cater to the needs of different clients and are not able to participate in degree programs because of personal or professional factors.

If you are interested in short-term wine, spirits and champagne courses, please feel free to email us if you contact, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. CLOE International will work with the George Sharapa Wine Academy to arrange appropriate courses and provide on-site translation services to learn about accessibility with Champagne masters.