The student’s assurances in France

The bank insurance, the habitation assurance, the civil responsibility assurance and the health Insurance are the four assurances that any student has to encounter during their study in France. Some insurances are obligatory to subscribe. 

The bank insurance 

When a student arrives in France, he/ she is a rush to open an account. The bank provides a package of The check book, the basic blue card and the visaassurance. The blue card allows the student to pay for any consummation, with minimum consummation amount requested by some merchandisers, and withdraw the money from any distributors. 

The bleu card insurance covers the services also when the card lost or the card number is misappropriated. For a frequent traveler, a better-covered card can be a good choice such as Visa Premier or MasterCard executive. This kind of blue card offers a better service and coveragee to the clients on some unexpected situation including the cancellation of the transportation tickets due to the medical or any compelling reason. Some assurance companies also cover the medical assistance if the accident happens for the card owner when request! 

In case, any unpleasant experience arrives for example; the flight is canceled due to the inclement weather. The associated expenses, stay overnight in a hotel and had a meal, occurred from this incident are refundable by the assurance company. The annual fees are much higher than those of basic blue card. Nevertheless, the services covered are much more complete and useful and sometimes, worthwhile. 

The online bank is another solution if the expenses are too high. Since it is an online bank, there is no real bank exist, and all services are done by correspondence, the patience is necessary if an urgence arrives and it is necessary to have a phone conversation and the call is billed. The other disadvantage is that the check book service is invoiced costly if request. 

About the refund, don’t forget to get two copies of the invoices (one for assurance companyny and the other for the transportation company) for expenses occurred from the incident happened as the justificatives are required documents. 

Habitation Assurance 

It is an obligation to subscribe a habitation assurance. It is even better to select a habitation assurance named multirisques (in French) / multi risks (in English). With this habitation assurance, the assurance company takes charges all damages caused by different natural disasters. Some assurance companies even offer maison feuprotection again the terrorist attack. The multi risks assurance offers not only belongings protection but also the family members protection. An example, a fire disaster caused by a neighbor and this fire disaster also damaged the next apartment which is occupied by a student. In this situation, the habitation insurance company of the student has to take care the following repair and the indemnity of the student apartment despite that the student is not responsible for the fire disaster. It is necessary to declaim a sinister to the habitation insurance company within 48 hours after the catastrophe happened. It is important to report the real situation of the apartment occupied: how many rooms, how many square meters, any false information may result in that the insurance company refuses to cover the indemnity 

To choose a habitation insurance, it varies according to the residence situation, and personal need to choose a proper habitation assurance contract by adding or removing some conditions of the contract proposed by the assurance companies. In Paris, the burglary and the security are serious issues, which double lockers of the door for the Parisian residences appears more a necessity, but broken glasses assurance will be useful for people who live close to the mountain area. 

If the annual fees of habitation assurance appear reasonable, it is helpful to include the service or the insurance of “Protection Juridique” as it gives the subscribers a complete juridical protection, and this assurance covers the expenditure of legal case. The assistance Juridique, another legal aid, is different from the assurance of protection juridic, gives limited juridic support orally and doesn’t cover the fees of lawyer’s consultation and legal case if necessary. 

Responsibility civil/ personal responsibility 

The purpose of this assurance guarantees the financial consequences incurred by the subscribers of the responsibility civil. The damages caused by the family members or domestic animals (a dog for example) unintentionally to the other persons, materially and or physically. The assurance company indemnifies according to the insurance conditions subscribed. Some insurances companies offer the responsibility civil in the habitation 

insurance; others do not. It is highly suggested to subscribe this insurance in the assurance package. 

Health Insurance: 

Any registered student has to affiliate to the student mutual insurance, equivalent to the mutual health insurance for adults. Besides, he/she has to pay the student’s annual mutuel health insurance fees. The speciality of the student health insurance is purchased annually for the protection periode fixed from 1st septembre to 31st August next year; to cover the activities of during the study as well as the internship period, to refund the medical expenses for the medical consultation. The student mutuel health insurance has age limit until 28 years old. Over 28 years old, it is necessary to affifilate the health insurance at the organisation of “Sécurité Social” and no longer student mutuel health system.