Advice on the actions to take when a thief burgled your apartment

 Make sure the door lockers are reliable

 Taking pictures of what belongings are stolen or damaged. Don’t change any position of the belongings before you make a report at the police station.

  Noted down what articles disappeared.billionphotos 1625170

 Go to the police station to make a report about the personal belongings stolen, damaged accompany with the photos taken.

 Contact the habitation (house) insurance company to report the fact that you are a victim of a burglary.
When the house assurance company is informed, generally it will take over the damage repairing charges.

 Ask for a list of locker companies of the insurance company to change the locker and reinforce the security of the door.

 If the administrative documents are stolen, Please keep all invoices related to this burglary after having received all the paper documents again. Normally insurance company covers the expenses on re-issue of the official papers.